Groundwater as the Deep-Seated Wealth of Nations

Groundwater management ties closely into understanding and regulating initiatives related to groundwater use and development. Untangling economics and those policies that have economic and socioeconomic implications for groundwater is hence a must. Subsidies for developing groundwater (e.g., for drilling, energy for pumping, and for irrigation equipment), guarantied prices for crops grown with groundwater, etc. are likely among the most effective indirect ways to control groundwater exploitation. With this starting point, the World Bank is heavily engaging in the global partnership for more sustainable groundwater development and use. Water Cycle Innovation, in a personal capacity, was happy to contribute to a recent World Bank publication on this particular topic ‘The Hidden Wealth of Nations – Groundwater in Times of Climate Change‘, illustrating the economic value of groundwater and the ways to target and best define groundwater management according to the aquifer, socioeconomic, and institutional contexts of regions across the world. This debate will continue, strengthening the ties between hardcore biophysical science on groundwater with the economic drivers and management levers for its sustainable development.


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