Upcoming Events and Water Cycle Innovation Engagement

We are looking forward to 2024, when Water Cycle Innovation will continue its Scientific Programming support to UC Davis and the Water Education Foundation and partners in what will be a game breaking 3rd International Conference on ‘Toward Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture – Linking Science and Policy, Burlingame, California, 17-20 June, 2024. Lining up some of the world’s leading scientists, policy makers, and implementers in water for agriculture, we will learn about groundwater’s role in agriculture and food production and security and the multifarious challenges and possible solutions – from the breadbasket of the USA, the Central Valley in California, to countries around the world, struggling to sustain hard-won and precious benefits of groundwater and maintaining them for coming generations.


The 2nd International Water Summit ‘Water Scarcity in a Changing World’, 27-28 May, 2024 at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel will raise from a flashpoint zone of the world to address water challenges, bringing renown scientists and practitioners from around the world together, especially addressing dry climates. There is still time to nominate candidates for the prestigious Zuckerberg Price, being handed over during a ceremony of the conference.



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